Your Personal Productivity is in CRISIS mode!

You are receiving information from your managers, your managers’ manager, subordinates, colleagues, and customers in the form of Email, voice mail, electronic or hard copy documents as well as web and data links information. You are juggling a laptop, Blackberry, Smartphone, cell phone or hard-copy planner, plus your corporate phone and/or home office phone to capture tasks, attachments, and on-going project information.

You arrive at work with a sense of what you have to accomplish that day, only to be derailed by crisis situations, unplanned deadlines, and other people’s priorities.

You can easily spend up to half of your day opening, reading, closing, and processing Email and the other half attending meetings with no agenda and no clear idea of why you are there, leaving you with no time to “Get Work Done.”

We can HELP. Shawn Kershaw, Inc. has been training clients to take control of their work-day since 1994. We are experts at discovering the barriers and challenges to productivity and then offering customized, targeted solutions.







“The best thing about working with Shawn is that she comes back to make sure you are staying on track and making the changes that you committed to.”

- Genetics Institute